Dr Sohail Qureshi

A visionary and dynamic professional, Dr Sohail Qureshi is the founder and CEO of Medirose Healthcare. 

Dr Qureshi has been working as a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS and private healthcare sector for over ten years. He has extensive clinical practice experience in the delivery of safe and high-quality patient care and has been a part of numerous successful CQC and Welsh Health Board inspections. 

For many years, Dr Qureshi has been a key contributor and advocate of best practice and sustainability in healthcare. With Medirose Healthcare, he brings this wealth of strategic management skills and knowledge of healthcare regulatory and compliance practice to the development of the very best value that private healthcare can offer.

Dr Sohail Qureshi took up his first Board director role at the national level in 2009 at Cambian Healthcare and since then he has held a variety of Board roles with a wide range of clinical, operational and strategic responsibilities including Medical Director and Medical Lead of national mental health organisations. 

Of late, he has been working as Medical Director for ID Medical, the leading recruitment agency in the country for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals providing bespoke recruitment solutions and high-level training and skill development to the medical workforce of NHS and private sector. This focus on recruiting high-quality staff with positive attitudes and the ability to transfer skills to his team of staff has meant that the service that they deliver becomes unparalleled, pivotal to offer safe, ethical, professional and compassionate patient care. 

Dr Qureshi has also been the CEO of Medical Support Union which provides annual appraisals and revalidation service to a large number of doctors, in compliance with the GMC and NHS guidelines. 

Dr Qureshi has exceptional acumen in seeing through the thin veneer of an organisation, to understand the innate challenges, cultural stagnations, and provide solutions to bring a positive and sustained change towards effective clinical models while ensuring efficiency of saving and commercial viability. He prides himself on using technology as an ally and in forging a culture of great teamwork for the shared ownership of organisational vision and goals, by all team members. Developing a meaningful, deep-rooted and multilateral relationship with the services users & families, local authorities and NHS commissioning bodies and other stakeholders through honesty, integrity and probity.


I believe a society is judged by the standards it attains in providing loving, kind and compassionate care to its most vulnerable.

The anthropologist Dr Margaret Meade once said that we can tell when human civilisation started by the discovery of a 15000 years old healed human femur bone. It demonstrates that rather than abandon a member of their party, one human being helped another to heal.

Dr Sohail Qureshi
Founder & CEO